The construction of a health station in Guangdong instead of an isolated hotel raises questions from the public | Guangdong epidemic | Heyuan Community, Liwan District | Upgraded prevention and control measures

[EpochTimesJune292021]The CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia, COVID-19) epidemic in Guangdong continues to spread, and the official decision to build in the suburbs of GuangzhouHealth Station, To replace the current isolated hotel, is expected to be put into use in September. Zhong Nanshan said that the station covers an area of ​​250,000 square meters and has 5,000 independent rooms. In addition to Guangzhou, Shenzhen will also be built. Shenzhen residents questioned: If the epidemic is really under control, there is no need to build a health post.

On June 28, Gao Yuyue, deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, stated at the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference that Guangzhou InternationalHealth StationIt is under intensive construction and is expected to be put into use in September this year.

A few days ago, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview with the “Yangcheng Evening News” that the government “has decided to build a Guangzhou International Health Station (to replace the current quarantine hotel) in the suburbs with an area of ​​250,000 square meters. Separate room. Guangzhou must do this, and Shenzhen is the same.”

Radio Free Asia reported that Zhang Hai, a Shenzhen resident, said that the government is making a long-term plan to fight the epidemic: the government does a lot of things, and the name given to people feels like boiled frogs in warm water, regardless of whether the government will build an international health station. How to name it, its meaning is to isolate people in this place. “If (the epidemic) is really cleared and really controlled, there is no need for it to build such a place.”

In the past two months, the epidemic situation in Guangdong Province, especially Guangzhou City, has continued to rages. In June, Ma Wenjun, the chief expert of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Epidemic Control, claimed that the epidemic situation was conservatively estimated to be “cleared to zero before June 20.” However, on June 18, epidemics in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, and Dongguan rose again. On June 21, the official notified again that Shenzhen and Dongguan each had additional local cases.

Near the centennial day of the founding of the Communist Party of China on July 1, the official report stated that Guangzhou had no new local cases for 9 consecutive days. The report stated that on June 26, the risky areas in the epidemic in Guangzhou were cleared. Guangzhou’s high-risk areas were also cleared on June 24. The Fangcun area in Liwan District of the city was closed for 21 days and the blockade was lifted. At present, all of Guangzhou is a low-risk area.

but,Heyuan Community, Liwan DistrictbutUpgrade prevention and control measures, Residents can only enter but can’t leave. According to the news of “Guangzhou Liwan Release” on June 27, from now on, Heyuan Community, Baihedong Street, Liwan District, will be closed. Existing people in the community do not leave the community, and outsiders do not enter. The entrances and exits of the community are on duty 24 hours a day, and residents must strictly implement prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, verification, scanning codes, and wearing masks.

Mr. Li, a resident of Nansha District, Guangzhou, told The Epoch Times that “July 1st” is approaching, and the authorities are approaching a major enemy, and all aspects of information are strictly controlled. “Last month, I saw a video on the Internet that killed a kindergarten with a vaccine. People, the parents protested there, and then they were blocked, and now they are very strong.”

Recently, the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China and Guangdong Province have announced that all confirmed cases in Guangdong are imported cases. On June 29, the Guangdong official notified that there were no new local confirmed cases and local asymptomatic infections in the province from 0-24 on June 28.

There were 3 newly imported confirmed cases in the province, 1 case was reported in Guangzhou, from Cambodia; 1 case was reported in Shenzhen, from Indonesia; and 1 case was reported in Zhaoqing, from Bahrain. There were 14 newly imported asymptomatic infections imported from abroad, 7 cases were reported in Guangzhou, 3 cases were from, and the remaining 4 cases were from Panama, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates; 2 cases were reported in Foshan, respectively from Cambodia and Saudi Arabia; and 2 cases were reported in Zhongshan , All from Gabon; Jiangmen reported 1 case, from Saudi Arabia; Zhaoqing reported 2 cases, both from Jordan.

Since the CCP has always concealed the truth of the epidemic seriously, the outside world generally has doubts about the official figures.

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