The consultation committee is over, the press conference scheduled for 7 p.m.

Several decisions are already known and must be confirmed at the press conference.

Lhe Concertation Committee bringing together the main ministers of the federal government and the minister-presidents of the federated entities examined on Friday new measures intended to limit the spread of the coronavirus. A press conference is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Non-essential overseas travel will be banned until March 1. So decided by the Concertation Committee meeting on Friday afternoon in Brussels. The information was confirmed to the Belga agency.

Last year, the return from the carnival holidays sparked a surge in positive cases, leading to the first wave of the epidemic.

In addition to the ban on non-essential travel abroad, the question of extending the mandatory quarantine to 14 days when returning from the red zone was also raised, we learned from a good source.

There will be no announcement of an extension of the Carnival holidays this Friday. This is not on the agenda neither in the north nor in the south of the country.

Contact professions

The date of February 13 emerges to give a perspective for hairdressers and other contact professions. But with an important nuance: “If the health situation allows it”. It remains to be seen what this means in concrete terms.

The reopening of the contact professions is accompanied by a new charter.

The consultation committee could also discuss the situation in education, with a view to possibly harmonizing the arrangements between the different communities. On Wednesday, the Flemish Community decided that the courses would be given entirely remotely in secondary during the week preceding the carnival holidays.

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