The Controversial Kiss Scandal in the Bundesliga: Tabea Kemme’s Powerful Statement of Solidarity

2023-09-02 21:20:09

This sign was not well received by HIM!

In the top Bundesliga game between Bayern and Gladbach (2-1), Sky expert Tabea Kemme (31) wears a Spanish World Cup jersey for the women’s national team. The number ten by Jennifer Hermoso (33).

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A clear statement of solidarity with the kiss scandal after Spain’s World Cup final against England (1-0). Luis Rubiales (46), President of the Spanish Football Association, kissed Hermoso on the mouth without being asked at the award ceremony.

But for Oliver Pocher (45), Kemme’s action is totally exaggerated – and he pesters the Sky expert on social media!

Bayern celebrates late game shot! The video!

Source: Image 09/02/2023

Pocher posted a screenshot from the show on Instagram on Saturday evening, writing: “Sometimes you can overdo it as an expert… How a definitely questionable scene, which the team on the bus is still amused about, eventually becomes a state affair. .. okay…”

Next: “But pick up another example for a quick like. And there are enough women who are REALLY abusive. Lothar (Matthäus; editor’s note) and Sebastian (Hellmann; editor’s note) should dare to kiss goodbye.”

Immediately after the scandal, the German national team around captain Alexandra Popp (32) had already shown solidarity with the Spaniard. Now also Kemme.

Numerous Spanish players and officials have now gone on strike. Male stars have also opposed the now-suspended president.

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