“The corona barometer could be put in the drawer”

This will take place on Friday May 6, a date which has since been confirmed by the entourage of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. The corona barometer, currently in code yellow, could be put “in the drawer”, added the minister, without expressing certainty in this regard.

Since March 7, the corona barometer has been placed in code yellow, which means that almost all health measures intended to slow the spread of the virus have been lifted. It appears that the objective of the next Codeco is to further relax the current rules. “If the epidemic continues to evolve favorably and the virus circulates even less, then you can say: + we are not going to completely get rid of the barometer, but put it in the drawer +” And qualify: “if the virus continues to circulate like today, that will not happen. But I am hopeful, because I see the epidemic still decreasing. »

All the indicators are indeed currently on the decline (number of cases, hospitalizations, intensive care and deaths), according to data published on Tuesday by Sciensano.

The Consultation Committee devoted to the coronavirus has been postponed twice. “We assume that the possible date of a next Consultation Committee is May 6. We hope that then we will have a better view of the epidemic and that we will be able to make decisions regarding the barometer. »

All parameters (number of confirmed infections, hospitalizations, covid patients in intensive care and deaths related to myocardial infarction) are indeed downSciensano announced on Tuesday.

According to the Minister of Health, the consultation committee also serves other purposes: “I hope that we can reach agreements with other governments on how we prepare for possible new viruses, because what we must Doing now means above all being well prepared for the future. »

An electronic consultation committee is however well planned for this Friday, April 29, but on a completely different subject: the national reform plan and the stability program.

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