The coronavirus, a deadly disease for liberal globalization?

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Published on : 04/03/2020 – 14:19Modified : 04/03/2020 – 14:24

“There will be in world economic history – said French minister Bruno Le Maire a few days ago – a before and an after coronavirus”. Is it so certain? Is Covid-19 a symptom of the dysfunction of capitalist globalization?

The expectations of populations towards health systems on the brink of suffocation and the massive efforts made to come to the aid of the sick, the partially unemployed, parents who stay at home to babysit, those who take the risk to continue to work too, do they sign a resurgence of the state, the welfare state, the stretcher bearer state and, tomorrow, the state reviving a growth in asphyxiation?
Will this health, social and economic crisis give birth to a new Keynesianism, an economic policy of massive spending to support activity, even if it means seeing deficits and debt explode? In short, is the world economy in the process of permanently changing paradigms and software, or will the parenthesis be quickly closed?

To debate it, three economists :
Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, president of the Cercle des economistes (France);
Kako Nubukpo, former Togolese Minister for Prospective and Public Policy Assessment;
Christophe Ramaux, lecturer at the University of Paris 1, researcher at the Center for Economics at La Sorbonne, member of the think tank of Dismayed Economists.



First pool, then exercise bike, then treadmill (

Those infected by coronaviruses in the world are close to a million and the dead exceed 47,000


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