The coronavirus is the number one concern of the Swiss, according to a survey –

Health is at the top of the concerns of the Swiss in the latest barometer of the bank Credit Suisse. More than half of those polled expressed concern about the coronavirus.

Never before has a subject preoccupied the Swiss so much in such a short time, notes the bank in its 2020 barometer. This shows the extent of the effects of the virus on all aspects of life, she adds.

Respondents expect significant consequences of the crisis linked to the pandemic within three years. Thus, four out of five people think that unemployment will increase. One in two is convinced that retirement provision will suffer. A negative impact on Swiss tourism is also feared.

Optimism for the financial center

The population, on the other hand, shows more confidence in global political and economic cooperation, which is assessed in a neutral manner. On the other hand, optimism prevails regarding the impact of the virus on the financial center and health services.

As for the effects of the pandemic on the digitization of the world of work and telework, they are mostly considered positive in the medium term. The crisis, however, has highlighted the vulnerability of a globalized society, as well as that of production processes and supply chains, according to the study.

Good marks for the police

Good marks are given to the Federal Council, the Parliament and the Federal administration for their management of the crisis, especially the first wave. Confidence in institutions rose significantly again in 2020 after a fall last year. But it is the police which, for the third time in a row, enjoys the greatest confidence among the Swiss, with more than two thirds of ‘approval.

Aside from the coronavirus, the concerns of the Swiss remain this year similar to those of 2019. The future of old-age and survivors’ insurance (AVS) and old-age provision are in second place, followed by the fear of unemployment. The protection of the environment and the climate also remain among the major concerns of the Swiss.

The survey was carried out in 2020 by the gfs.bern institute among 1,800 people with the right to vote throughout Switzerland between July and August. The margin of error is plus or minus two points.

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