the couple flies off to the war-ravaged country!

Anthony and Sofia are now settled in a new house they rent together in Bradford and have started sharing accommodation with a refugee couple: another Sofia and her boyfriend, Illia.

Arrived in the United Kingdom on June 23, the couple had first been welcomed into a British family, before being deported. They then launched a call on social networks, to which Anthony and his girlfriend responded.

“We were criticized for leaving the doors open and letting the cats escape. It was very hot and we weren’t even allowed to open the windows in case the cats escaped,” Sofiia told the Mail Online. The couple had been forced to sleep on a small sofa bed which was “very uncomfortable” and had to clean for their guests, she added.

Illia meanwhile said that it was good to live with two people speaking Ukrainian and that they felt less alone, far from their country.

“Save hundreds of lives”

This Thursday, August 25, we learn that Tony and Sofia are going to fly to Ukraine. They want to “save hundreds of lives” in the country ravaged by the war against Russia.

The Sun indicates that the journey of the couple, who plans to get married soon, will be broadcast on Instagram and YouTube. “Even if I save a person’s life, it’s worth it to me,” said the 29-year-old Briton.

At the time of writing these few lines, we do not know how long their journey will last, nor the date of their departure.

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