The Coupling of Jupiter and Venus Next Sunday – Construction Gazette

The two planets of Jupiter and Venus in this period are apparently close to each other “as they appear to an observer from the surface of the Earth” in preparation for the formation of one of the most important astronomical events for the current year early next week.

Jupiter and Venus enter into a conjunction with their arrival at the greater apparent approach between the two planets on Sunday the twenty-fourth of November, when the apparent distance is within a degree and a half of an arc, according to the vice president of the Syrian Astronomical Society, Engineer Abdulaziz Snober.

Snooper explained that this conjunction and “is the alignment of two or more astronomical objects on one line in the sky” seen from after sunset until six o’clock in the evening in the southwest, pointing out that the two planets can be distinguished easily, because Venus is the brightest between them.

On this date, Jupiter will be at a distance of 913 million km from Earth, and its apparent magnitude will be “minus 1.85” and Venus will be at a distance of 219 million km, and the apparent magnitude will be “minus 3.86”.

And Jupiter is a gas planet, which is the largest ever among the planets of the solar system, while Venus is considered the brightest astronomical bodies after the sun and the moon and its size is close to the size of the Earth, and it is one of the inner rocky planets close to the sun.

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