the court of appeal confirms the dismissal

The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed on Tuesday November 17 the dismissal granted to the police officer who shot and killed Shaoyao Liu, a Chinese father, during an intervention at his home in 2017 in Paris, learned The world with the lawyer of the civil parties, Mr.e Pierre Lumbroso. The Liu family had appealed against the dismissal granted on July 11, 2019 to the policeman, who was not charged in this case. inquiry for “Voluntary violence resulting in death without intention of giving it” and was granted the benefit of self-defense.

“We have the impression of a duplicity between the police and the courts: judges do not want to get in the way of the police officers who are carrying out their investigations”said Me Lumbroso to Agence France-Presse (AFP), announcing an appeal in cassation, that The world was able to confirm. The police officer’s lawyer was not immediately reachable.

On March 26, 2017, shortly after 8 p.m., police surrendered to an ensemble on the 19e district, alerted by a neighbor who had reported the presence of Mr. Liu, very agitated and holding what he believed to be a knife in his hand. Fearing danger, the police, two men and a woman equipped with an assault rifle and pistols, broke down the door of the house. A handful of seconds later, peacekeeper V. fired a gunshot, fatally touching Mr. Liu, 56, in the heart of two of his children.

Mr. Liu’s death sparked the anger of the Chinese community who had organized several events of unprecedented scale. Beijing had publicly called for light to be shed on the circumstances of the case.

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Police “lack of discernment”

According to the police officers’ version, Mr. Liu had just assaulted the assault rifle carrier with his scissors. “He’s crashing me!” “, allegedly shouted the latter, provoking the retaliatory shot of his colleague. For the Liu children, their father never laid a hand on anyone: the blade was a pair of scissors, which he used to peel fish.

A neighbor, witness from the hallway, claims he never heard the police scream “He’s crashing me!” “ before the shot. Asked by AFP, the witness described a “Extremely violent intervention and totally out of step with the situation”, by police “Little in control”.

At the same time, a summary judge in Paris ordered an expert report on October 26 to determine the extent of the damage suffered by the widow Liu and her four children, prior to an action for liability of the State for gross negligence.

For his part, the former Defender of Rights Jacques Toubon had recommended disciplinary sanctions against the police for their “Lack of discernment” and the poor care of the children, detained two hours without assistance after the tragedy. The Defender of Rights, who had given the Interior Ministry two months to respond to his requests still had no return as of November 16. Contacted, the ministry refers to the Paris Police Prefecture. “The administrative investigation did not reveal any breach of ethical and professional obligations against the police officers”, let the latter know World. No disciplinary sanction was thus taken.

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Ibrahima Bah, Shaoyao Liu, Wissam El-Yamni, Babacar Gueye, Angelo Garand… Behind these names, there were lives, those of women and men killed during a police intervention and in often unclear circumstances, even contested. Without angelism or stigmatization, The world chose to dive back into these files to tell their story through their relatives, but also based on the facts and elements of the investigation. With, on the one hand, police officers who claim to have acted within the framework of the law and, on the other, families who await explanations and justice, in the name of this same law.

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