The Court of Auditors finds the rescue of Plus Ultra legal

BarcelonaThe rescue of the Plus Ultra airline by the state does not constitute any kind of irregularity, at least for the Court of Auditors. The court has decided on Monday to close the complaint filed by Citizens because it considers that there are no indications of “serious negligence”, as reported by the orange party. The Spanish government approved in March a loan of 53 million euros for the company through the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI). The interlocutory is signed by Councilor Felipe García Ortiz, who rules out that the aid involves serious problems of “accounting responsibility” for the State.

Thus, the Court considers that the subsidy has not caused economic damage to public funds. In fact, Plus Ultra has so far only received 19 million euros, in the form of an ordinary loan, of the 53 it should receive. The disbursement of the remaining 34 million, through a participatory loan, is still pending, after a Madrid court suspended the granting of the amount last week. Now both the company and the Spanish government must provide documents to prove the need for the rescue.

Citizens will appeal the decision

Citizens’ complaint to the Court of Auditors considered that the airline did not meet the criteria to receive the SEPI subsidy and pointed to its delicate financial situation. The party of Inés Arrimadas has already confirmed that it will go through the filing of the investigation in the next fortnight and insists that the accounting crime in the rescue of Plus Ultra will be proven. “We have a different approach and we consider that it is common sense that with the disbursement of 19 million euros to a bankrupt company, the economic damage is taken for granted,” Citizens sources told Europa Press.

In a statement, Plus Ultra welcomed the Court of Auditors’ decision and insisted the allegations were in response to a “political battle” against Pedro Sanchez’s executive. The company considers that both this opinion and the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union on state aid to airlines demonstrate “the lack of basis for false accusations that are being made unjustifiably from different areas for months.”


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