The cover of Tintin’s Blue Lotus, sold for 3.2 million euros, a new record for the world of comics

AUCTIONS – Despite the controversy over its origin, Hergé’s sumptuous cover project dating from 1936 broke the previous record held by the design of the cover pages of Tintin’s albums.

The atmosphere was quite electric in the Parisian premises of the Artcurial house for this exceptional sale dedicated to the world of Hergé. Everyone was holding their breath. An exceptional piece, the cover project of the Blue lotus signed Hergé, was on sale, estimated at between 2.2 and 2.8 million euros.

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The scent of forbidden fruit given to this blanket in private hands by the administrator of the Moulinsart company, the Briton Nick Rodwell, who had questioned in the press on the origin of this drawing, visibly sharpened the taste buds of these tintinophiles as rich as the famous billionaire of Flight 714 to Sydney Laszlo Carreidas …

Thus, a bidding battle was very quickly fought by telephone and Internet and the coverage project of the Lotus Blue imagined by Hergé, sold for 2.6 million euros excluding fees, or 3.2 million euros including fees. The emblematic image created by Hergé thus breaks the world record for auctions in the field of comics.

“I find it great in absolute terms that a comic strip achieves such high sales figures, reacts Numa Sadoul, author of the essential book Tintin and me. Interviews with Hergé. This is remarkable. We can only stay baba. Perhaps the controversies surrounding the provenance of this sumptuous drawing, with this scent of scandal, have aroused the desires of collectors. Nevertheless, I find it gratifying that such news can reach us in the current gloomy climate. The comic strip, through the intermediary of the great Hergé, proves that it is an art in its own right, the rating of certain works of which is capable of rivaling the greatest painters and artists.»

Since the Casterman family decided last spring to put this Indian ink, gouache and watercolor drawing on sale, this drawing has aroused both controversy and envy.

It is therefore clear that he has just exceeded the world record of 2014 reached by the design of the cover pages of Tintin’s albums, sold 2.6 million euros (costs included). And this, despite the controversies triggered by the beneficiaries of the work, the Briton Nick Rodwell in the lead, who wanted this drawing to join the Hergé museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, without going through the auction box.

“The controversies surrounding major works will always be present, Numa Sadoul analysis. But the point is, the Casterman family had owned this design since the 1930s, and it suddenly hit the auction house, period. “

Taking a step back, the tintinophile Albert Algoud sums up the affair fairly accurately: “Whether there are Hernani battles around a drawing by Hergé, like around a drawing by Rembrandt or Picasso, it shows the intrinsic power of his work.»

A drawing by Hergé therefore climbs to the top of the quotations in the field of comics on the art market: a trillion thunder from Brest! Captain Haddock might have said …


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