The Covid crisis in Yala province has not stopped. Sanam Hospital plans to open the 9th building, adding 250 more beds.

(October 20, 64) Reporters reported that the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19, Yala Province, Yala Provincial Public Health Office Still found infected continuously. Which has hundreds of digits per day and is admitted to the field hospital in Yala Province by the situation of beds for patients infected with COVID-19 in the field hospital in Yala province Located within the Special Education School Special Development Zone in the Southern Border Provinces, Village No. 7, Ban Pong Ka Soo, Budi Subdistrict, Mueang Yala District, Yala Province, there are a total of 1,338 beds, 1,224 beds have been used, with 114 beds available.

Kasemsuk Phasuntharatham, director of the Special Education School in the Southern Border Provinces Special Development Zone, said that at the moment, Yala’s Sanam Hospital has opened eight buildings to accommodate COVID-19 patients. Covid-19 cases in Yala province continue to see an increasing trend of infection. which the field hospital in Yala Province Therefore preparing to open the 9th building to accommodate an additional 250 patients, which will have a total of 1,558 beds. It is expected to be able to open by October 25, with the Yala Provincial Public Health Office confirming that the patient is infected with COVID-19. All cases must be treated according to the standards of the public health system. while the general atmosphere within the district of the Yala Provincial Hospital There are vehicles from hospitals that continuously bring infected people to the field hospital. to enter the treatment process properly

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