the Covid crisis lowers reserves

Blood supplies continue to decline due to the impacts of Covid-19 and the situation is “Extremely disturbing”, alert François Toujas, president of the French Blood Establishment (EFS), who calls for blood to be donated “Emergency”.

“We deliver more than what we collect and the reserves are falling” and reached Monday September 21 “The threshold of 82,000 pockets of red blood cells in reserve”, a “Level never reached for 10 years”, underlines the EFS.

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At least 100,000 bags are needed to have a reserve level to have enough blood of each blood type in all hospitals.

“The account is not there”

The situation is “Unpublished” for the EFS, which must collect 10,000 donations per day to meet the needs of patients. “Today, the account is not there”, while the resumption of hospital activity is very strong.

Since March, companies and universities have barely hosted blood drives due to the impact of the health crisis (teleworking, distance learning, health protocols, etc.), explains the EFS, specifying that the mobile collection, in particular in business, represents 80% of blood donations.

The EFS therefore asks employers to “Facilitate the blood donation of their employees” and local authorities of “Continue to facilitate the organization of mobile blood drives in the territories”. It is particularly aimed at students so that they can donate blood in mobile blood drives or in the 120 donation centers.

Wearing a mask and distancing

To find out where to donate, visit or on the Blood Donation app. The lifespan of blood products like red blood cells is limited (42 days).

For the donation, all precautions are taken to avoid the risk of transmission of the coronavirus (wearing a mask compulsory for all, physical distancing and reinforced hygiene).

In this context, as a precaution, people who have had symptoms of Covid must wait 28 days after their disappearance to donate blood, says the EFS.

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