The CPI rises one tenth in January in the counties of Girona

L’Consumer Price Index (IPC) ha raised a tenth al gener at Girona counties. But on average, prices have remained unchanged from year to year. The year-on-year rate stands at 0%, and this breaks the trend that has been accumulating since March 2020, when the state of alarm was declared. Since then, this index has always been negative. Statistics show that the timid rise in prices in January actually hides two realities. Because on the one hand, and as a result of sales, over the month clothing and footwear have fallen by 15.9%. But by contrast, housing and basic services have risen by 4.2%. In fact, the increase in gas, electricity and other fuels (up to 8.9%) is significant.

According to data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), prices have risen by 0.1% this January in the Girona counties. But it is also true that if you look at groups and subsectors, there are important disparities.

On the one hand, clothing (-17.3%) and footwear (-11.4%) are the ones that record the strongest falls. Consequence, of course, of the winter sales. Other groups that are also lowering prices this January, as a direct result of covid-19, are tourist packages (-5.3%), beauty and personal care services (-1.2%) and leisure and culture (-0.4%).

But on the other hand, there are other groups that have increased – and a lot – during the month of January. Above all, basic services, because electricity and gas have risen by up to 8.9%. And everything related to housing, as a whole, was 4.2% (although rents remain unchanged). More increases: non-alcoholic beverages have risen in price by 5.3% or insurance by 1.5%.

For the first time since March

If instead of looking at the monthly data the year-on-year rate is compared, on average prices have remained unchanged from year to year. Because in this case, the index stands at 0%.

However, this also has another reading. Because this is the first time, since the confinement by the covid-19, that in Girona counties the year-on-year rate is not negative. It hadn’t happened since March of last year.

In Catalonia, prices have risen again after ten consecutive months of deflation. According to INE data, the CPI rose by 0.4% year-on-year in January, almost one point above the evolution recorded in December (-0.6%). The increase is due to higher prices for supplies -especially electricity- (+ 2.5%) and non-alcoholic food and beverages (+ 2.1%). In the state, prices rose by 0.5% in January, one point higher than the rate recorded in December.


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