The crazy tics of the stars


January 24, 2022 – 11:27 am Clock

From used dental floss to fear of electronic devices, these are our top 5 most bizarre quirks of stars. Hollywood star tics Orlando Bloom (45), presenter Jana Ina Zarella (45), Popstar Justin Timberlake (40) and Co. we have summarized for you in the video. And I promise: you will smile.

This gross habit is driving Katy Perry insane

Katy Perry (37) and Orlando Bloom are considered an absolute dream couple in Hollywood! But their love also has limits, as Katy has now revealed on a British talk show. Especially when it comes to that one particular habit of their loved one.

Oral hygiene is important, Katy agrees. But ideally she doesn’t want to see the utensils her partner uses. On the TV show “Heart Breakfast” she revealed that Orlando would distribute used dental floss throughout the house. And by that she really means everywhere: “On my side of the bed, in the car and on the kitchen table.” The mother of a daughter has tried everything: “I did my best to break him of the habit – unfortunately without success”.

order must be

Giovanni Zarella (43), on the other hand, always has to bring back a very specific item from his travels for his wife Jana Ina. actress Jessica Biel (39) has to put up with the quirk of her husband Justin Timberlake, who introduced a special system of order in the refrigerator at home. When it comes to kitchen appliances, Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba (40) Incidentally also their rather special views and procedures. The resolution is in the video above. It’s funny what the stars deal with in everyday life! (sfi)

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