The Crew 3: Project Orlando

Even if “The Crew 2” has continued to receive new updates and content in the past few months, the developers of Ivory Tower are already working on the official successor.

The first references to “The Crew 3”, which is currently to be created under the working title “Project Orlando”, provided the Reddit user and data miner “RacingGameGuru0300”, who claims to have come across corresponding data in the source code of “The Crew 2”. As reported, “Project Orlando” should initially be a DLC for the current offshoot, before the developers of Ivory Tower decided to convert the whole thing into a new title.

Does the road lead to Hawaii this time?

According to the clues that the Dataminer would like to have discovered, “The Crew 3” should offer exciting “Crew vs. Crew” races and support up to 100 players at the same time. There is also talk of a varied fleet of vehicles that can be divided into different categories. Regarding the setting it is added that this time the way could lead to Hawaii.

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The rumors about “The Crew 3” are supported by the usually well-informed insider Tom Henderson, who wants to know that “The Crew 3” is indeed developed under the code name “The Crew: Orlando” and comes up with a completely new engine will. Since the developers of Ivory Tower were anything but satisfied with “The Crew 2”, the series is to be completely revised, as Henderson continues.

Ubisoft and Ivory Tower did not want to comment on the rumors about the new “The Crew” title. While the first “The Crew” was released in 2014, “The Crew 2” was released in 2018.

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