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Every spring, Wuhan will usher in the cherry blossom season. At this time, Wuhan also showed the most beautiful appearance, welcoming guests from all over the country.

However, at this time last year, a new crown pneumonia epidemic made Wuhan the “eye of the storm”. More than 40,000 medical workers in Wuhan and medical aid teams from all over the country embarked on the front line of epidemic prevention, day and night. Rescue the patients forever, and won an unprecedented victory for China’s anti-epidemic work, but it also missed the Wuhan cherry blossoms that year. This has also become a regret in the hearts of many people.

At the spring equinox of 2021, the epidemic will return in spring. At the invitation of the “people’s hero” Zhang Dingyu, the medical team in Hubei who had been desperate for Wuhan returned to Wuhan from all over the country, and used images to remember that period of history in the movie “Chinese Doctor” The crew was also invited to return to the filming location Wuhan. Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, led the starring Zhang Hanyu and Yuan Quan on behalf of the film crew of the film “Chinese Doctor”. They enjoyed the cherry blossoms with the guests attending the event and representatives of various industries who participated in the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan and supported the filming, and looked forward to a bright future. At this moment, the flower language of Wuhan cherry blossoms has another layer of profound meaning-cherry blossoms for you, cherry blossoms are here!

“Chinese Doctor” enters the post-production stage, the main creative team pays tribute to the “white angel” with awe

Liu Weiqiang: This is a movie made by the power of everyone

Chen Dunliang, chairman of the Hubei Changjiang Film Group, said that the movie “Chinese Doctor”, as a panoramic war-fighting blockbuster, fully demonstrated the anti-epidemic struggle of the supremacy of life, the end of life, the unity of the whole country, and the help of each other. At the same time, it also promoted the fight against the epidemic. The great anti-epidemic spirit gathered together. “The great era calls for great works. As a filmmaker, I have the responsibility to tell the Chinese story well and let the world see this masterpiece that records the great era.” Party Secretary and Chairman of the Pearl River Film Group Wang Chuilin lamented. Academician Zhong Nanshan went there last year The photo of falling asleep on the high-speed rail on the way to Wuhan moved China and the world, and that photo became the starting point for the filming of “Chinese Doctor”. “I believe the movie “Chinese Doctor” will let us see that scene again. In the magnificent battle against the epidemic, I also look forward to “Chinese Doctor” to bring courage and strength to everyone.”

Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, revealed that on April 8, 2020, after the 76-day “closed city” of Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the Lihan-Li Hubei channel, the main creative team entered Wuhan as soon as possible, visited major hospitals and After sorting out a large amount of first-hand information, after nearly a year of preparation and shooting, the movie “Chinese Doctor” was finally officially completed at the end of December 2020. Judging from the current degree of completion, it can be said to be “exceeded expectations”: “For this film, all the talents have been put forward. Director Liu Weiqiang led the original crew of the film “Captain of China” and devoted all their efforts to this film. In the creation of the play, everyone is full of awe and sincerity, and strives to use a soothing and exciting realistic theme to pay tribute to China’s white angels and all the Chinese who have made contributions in the fight against the epidemic!”

On the day of the event, Director Liu Weiqiang was unable to come to the scene because he was busy with the post-production work of the film. He expressed through the video that he regretted not being able to come to Wuhan to see the cherry blossoms, and confidently expressed that he would present a very satisfying one for everyone. The movie, “This is a movie that everyone has gathered all their strength to complete, in order to pay tribute to our angels in white!”

  Zhang Dingyu and Zhang Hanyu join hands for the first time with the “Chinese Captain” team on the same stage

Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan: No matter how difficult it is to make this movie, it should be

On the same day, Zhang Dingyu, winner of the national honorary title of “People’s Hero”, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, and former president of Jinyintan Hospital, and “the first person to report the epidemic”, “Chinese good doctor, Chinese good nurse” anti-epidemic special figures, Zhang Jixian, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Secretary of the Party Branch of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, attended the press conference. Zhang Dingyu said that he was very excited to be able to gather with everyone in Wuhan when the cherry blossoms bloom again. “This battle of the people and the battle of life was won by us together. This time, I want to fight for everyone again for Wuhan. The life-saving medical aid team in Hubei said “thank you”! I hope the movie “Chinese Doctor” can show the real anti-epidemic process, and can live up to the broad masses of people and the heroic Chinese people who have contributed to the fight against the epidemic. “Zhang Jixian also said: “I hope that the film can truly record the anti-epidemic process of front-line medical staff, and also hope that it can inspire all young people who are aspiring to devote themselves to medicine.”

Zhang Hanyu and Yuan Quan had a tacit cooperation in the movie “Captain of China” before, and now they cooperate for the second time, and they still have to work together to overcome all difficulties in the film and complete almost impossible tasks. Zhang Hanyu, who played the role of Dean Zhang Jingyu, said that he was moved by Zhang Dingyu’s deeds during the fight against the epidemic. Later, when Zhang Dingyu went to the Great Hall of the People to attend a meeting, he got the opportunity to talk to him once. Before the shooting, in order to better interpret the role, Zhang Hanyu took the initiative to go to Jinyintan Hospital and stayed with Dean Zhang for three days. “During that time, I followed him in meetings and rounds. I saw his work status and found that he was a very individual and a person with distinct loves and hates, including him. I also have a deep understanding of his hot temper. These are important details that help me shape my role, and let me know how to shape a more three-dimensional hospital director.” Zhang Hanyu also revealed a small detail: he and Zhang Dingyu are not only names. It’s similar, I was born in the same year and the same month, and my birthday is only two days away. “This is the fate between us.”

Yuan Quan, who plays Wen Ting, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine in the film, said that there was no hardest part in making this film because “every process is difficult, although this is nothing compared to the experience of real medical workers. , But it also allows each of us actors to truly experience the difficulty and difficulty of winning that battle at the time, so we will be more involved in our roles and make ourselves look more like professional medical staff.”

  The main creators joined hands to plant a cherry tree and went to Wuhan University to enjoy the cherry blossoms

Yu Dong: May the City of Heroes bloom like flowers, and May “Chinese Doctor” live up to expectations!

March 20, 2021 is the vernal equinox, which is also the time to sow hope. The movie “Chinese Doctor” chose to return to Wuhan on this day to meet with the anti-epidemic heroes, with the same wish. On the same day, the creators and the anti-epidemic heroes planted cherry trees that symbolize life and hope in the Peace Forest by the East Lake, and then went to Wuhan University to watch the beautiful cherry blossoms together, celebrating China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic in this way. The positive results are also used to commemorate and thank all those who have made contributions and sacrifices to China’s fight against the epidemic.

Yu Dong, the collective chairman of Bona Pictures, said that Wuhan, the city of heroes, has made great sacrifices for the whole of China and the world in 2020. It has also set an example and will be remembered by the world forever. Spring is here, and hope is blooming like cherry blossoms. May the City of Heroes bloom like flowers. May “Chinese Doctor” live up to expectations. May the great motherland be beautiful, prosperous, prosperous and prosperous!”

The movie “Chinese Doctor”, as the main director of the Film Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, is jointly produced by Guangdong Bona Film Media Co., Ltd., Zhujiang Film Group, and Hubei Changjiang Film Group, under the professional guidance of the National Health Commission and the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Guangdong Province of the Communist Party of China Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Wuhan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Propaganda Department of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. The key projects are adapted from the real events of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, with Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital as the core story background, while taking into account Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital, Wuhan University People’s Hospital (Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital), Huoshenshan Hospital, Fangcai Hospital, and other fraternal units, based on Wuhan medical staff and the medical teams of various provinces and cities across the country as their character prototypes, they recorded the magnificent and arduous struggle against the epidemic in a panoramic manner. The film is directed by Liu Weiqiang, co-produced by Liu Weiqiang and Li Jinwen, starring Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan, Zhu Yawen, and Li Chen, specially invited by Yi Yang Qianxi, and Ou Hao special starring. The main actors also include Feng Wenjuan, Geng Le, Liang Dawei, Xiao Ai, Ya Mei, Yang Qiru, Ye He, Jiang Linyan, Mei Ting, Zhou Ye, Li Qin, Zhang Tianai, Song Jia, Yu Feihong, Ni Hongjie, Feng Shaofeng, Zhou Bichang, Zhang Songwen, Zhang Zifeng, Tong Liya, Gu Jiacheng, Zhao Ningyu, Wang Ting, Yu Ailei, Huang Lu, Yin Xiaotian, Zhang Jiani, Shi Xiaolong, Gao Ge, Liu Lin, Laixi, Wan Guopeng, Wang Zhao, etc. The film will be released nationwide in 2021, as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China!

Original title: The crew of “Chinese Doctor” returns to Wuhan, Zhang Dingyu, and Zhang Hanyu for the first time on the same stage

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