The crime in Naples, a family affair

In the capital of Campania, unlike other European metropolises, young people who “fall” into the criminal world often come not only from disadvantaged neighborhoods, but also from families who are bathed in illegality. A fate that is difficult to escape.

Among the many records that Naples can boast, there is that of deaths “accidentally” killed. They are almost all young, even very young. Since 1982, there have been forty victims, a hundred including the wounded.

In the streets of Naples, in its neighborhoods and crowded alleys, in bars, shops or leisure clubs, it can happen to be in the crossfire of the clans or to be surprised by a “Spread” [raid d’intimidation nocturne en scooter] in the neighborhood of the opposing gang. A “practice” which forces all passers-by to lie down on the ground to escape the hundreds of bullets fired by continuous fire. In Naples, more than in any other Italian or European city, there is a risk of being killed or injured “by chance”. And a lot of water can flow under the bridge before an innocent victim (who has found himself in the middle of a shooting or has been mistaken for someone else) is recognized as such.

Imagine the pain of a family who sees one of their own killed when he has absolutely nothing to do with the crime scene and who at the same time must defend the memory of a normal individual, who had everything the right to walk in the street, have a coffee in a bar or play billiards in a club. In Naples, you always have to prove your innocence, both in court and in everyday life (or death).

However, this record hides another, which is only confirmed over time: that of minors killed by the police for a robbery, theft or any offense, such as trying to escape police control. aboard a scooter.

These kids are too naive to say to themselves that they risk falling on a policeman or a rifleman in armed civilian, to foresee that the police are monitoring a given objective, or to fear crossing a police brigade. “Hawks” [les fameux “faucons” de la police motorisée napolitaine].

It is precisely on a patrol of hawks Luigi Caiafa, 17, was shot dead in the middle of the city on his scooter at 4:30 a.m. as he tried to rob three friends aboard a Mercedes while his boyfriend threatened them (apparently ) of a dummy weapon. Ugo Russo, 15, was also killed by a carabinieri at rest


Isaia Sales

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