The criticism of Marcelo Longobardi: What are they waiting to put Lavagna as Chief of Staff?

The journalist shared his gaze after the October 17 mobilization, along with Nelson Castro, and harshly criticized the government of Alberto Fernández Source: Archive

Journalist Marcelo Longobardi last night criticized harshly government of Alberto Fernández after act for Loyalty Day in the CGT.“It is a grotesque version of the first Kirchnerism,” he analyzed.

In dialogue with Nelson Castro in The Correspondent, For TN, the journalist gave his opinion on the government’s speech and said that “it is essential that the President do something different. Along these lines, he raised as a possibility a cabinet made up of multidisciplinary politicians to rethink the country’s measures in the face of the economic crisis. “What are you waiting for to put Roberto Lavagna as Chief of Staff? It’s a no-brainer. Call even smart people from macrismo, to [Horacio Rodríguez] Larreta, to [María Eugenia] Vidal, “he advised.

On the mobilization carried out by Peronism, with an act of Fernández as leader, He observed: “It seemed to me all very anachronistic, all very old. The whole debate is old, what is happening, the figures. People who speak inclusive language but have become very conservative.” And he asserted: “It seemed like the icing on the cake of total anachronism.”

Also, during his analysis, he stated that the country is going towards “an economic Venezuela.” “We are going to a state country, to a kind of Venezuela for idiots not for ideologues.” And he considered that this context is similar to that of 1999. “To that format prior to the dramatic outcome of 2001, which took a long time to occur.”

The journalist turned his analysis around the idea of ​​”anachronism” of the Government. “The president is co-opted by the past. That calls my attention: his agenda, his issues, his format, his fights, his tensions, his cabinet, everything is from the past, everything is old,” he criticized. And, finally, he concluded: “The President has to start all over again, he needs a coalition government, because the way it goes, it doesn’t go any further.”

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