“The Crocodile Who Will Die in 100 Days” adapted the animated film “The Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days” will be released in June on “100 Days of Life”

Garage Entertainment officially announced that it was adapted from the original Japanese 4-frame comic book “Crocodile that will die in 100 days“Animated film”The crocodile that lived 100 days》 (Japanese Katana: Crocodile who lived for 100 days) All screens were screened in June. 《The crocodile that lived 100 days“A Dead Body” director Shinichiro Ueda and his wife Miyuki Fukuda co-written and directed. In addition to drastically rewriting the plot, it also adds a story about 100 days after the crocodile’s death, creating a movie that is most suitable for viewing “now”.

The film is composed of “your name“Shinki Ryuyuki, the protagonist of the crocodile, is the Japanese version of “Aladdin“Ren Nakamura, who presented the voice, also played the role of Crocodile’s friend Mouse. There are other well-known voice actors Subaru Kimura and Tomokazu Sugita; popular actors Yuko Shinki, Yuki Yamada, and others, will also accompany the Crocodile through these 100 days alive.

The popularity of “A Crocodile Will Die in 100 Days” is beyond imagination. Every post on Twitter has more than 300,000 likes. The comic series finally set a record for the highest number of likes on Japanese Twitter, accumulating more than 10 million. “Like”, even on the top 1 of the world’s Twitter trends of the day, and surpassed the “Demon Slayer》Won the 4th place in the “2020 Japan Twitter Trends Awards”. The last episode even won the “Most Retweets” and “Most Likes” awards, which shows that readers are very concerned about how the crocodile will die. The audience is also looking forward to the way the movie version will present these 100 days and the life of friends after the crocodile has died 100 days.

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The original author initiates readers to reflect on “A Corpse to the End” through the “crocodile”, the director brings power to all people living in the present

“The Crocodile Will Die in 100 Days” was serialized daily on the original author Yuki Kikuchi’s personal Twitter account from December 2019 to March 2020. The story describes the protagonist, the crocodile, who lived with his friends and lovers and grew up with his friends and lovers before he died. 100 days. The original work depicts the ordinary daily life of crocodile and friends. At the end of each episode, it will specifically mark “There are ○ days before death”, allowing readers to count down the last days of the crocodile’s life.

The original author Yuki Kikuchi once said that he hopes that through the remaining 100 days of the crocodile, readers will realize that as long as they live, one day there will be an “end”, and think about what to do and how to live better. The director Shinichiro Ueda, who himself was a reader of the original, said that he wanted to make the manga into a movie when it was still serialized, but when it was about to start production, he encountered an epidemic, so he rewritten the script and changed the title to “The crocodile that lived 100 days“I hope to bring strength to people living in the moment. “The crocodile that lived 100 days》It is expected to be released on stage in June!

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The crocodile that lived 100 days“Synopsis

  • The “crocodile”, who forced thousands of people to cry, led his friends to the big screen!

  • Adapted from Japanese cartoonist Yuki Kikuchi’s Twitter hit “The Crocodile Will Die in 100 Days”

  • A lineup of luxurious actors and voice actors including Ryunosuke Kamiki, Nobuya Nakamura, Subaru Kimura, Tomokazu Sugita, etc.

  • The comic series finally set a record for the highest number of likes on Japanese Twitter

  • Re-examine the important people and things around you and dedicate it to all those who are moving forward.

  • This is a story that can happen to everyone…

In March when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, everyone agreed to see the cherry blossoms together, but the crocodile was not seen for a long time. The mouse worried about the crocodile passed the photo of the cherry blossoms to his friends, but it was displayed on the phone screen where the crocodile fell on the road and the screen broke. In the 100 days until the flower viewing day, the crocodile lived an ordinary life. 100 days after the flower viewing day, green sprouts grew on the cherry blossom trees. Friends of the crocodile could not face the memories with the crocodile, and gradually lost contact with each other…


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