The cruel joke of a child teacher who has cost him dismissal

A Mexican teacher was fired from her early childhood education after spending a heavy joke on one of her students. The video shared it, for more inri, on his Tik Tok profile and shared it later on social networks, where he received, consequently, harsh criticism.

In the images, the teacher does a magic trick to her students using a bottle of water and a coin. It is when the woman calls one of her students: «Do you want to see what magic looks like? Put your eye like this », and explains to the girl how to bring her face to the edge of the bottle full of water.

The little girl, approaching her face, receives the “shot” of the water from inside the bottle by her teacher, who later laughs out loud almost crawling on the floor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students present are divided between laughter or rejection, and the little one is on the verge of crying. .

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