The cry of Dani La Chepi upon hearing Martitegui’s return on MasterChef Celebrity 2: “It tastes like family”

This Wednesday Dani La Chepi Return to MasterChef Celebrity, where he cooked a thigh sealed to the frying pan that in the eyes of German Martitegui it had many shortcomings. However, the final conclusion of the jury ended up breaking the influencer, who remembered why she cooked her dish that way.

“You heated a chili in vinegar, that’s what you did,” Germán said very seriously while savoring Dani’s plate. But the biggest prize went to the asparagus – jewels in the eyes of Damien Betular– to which La Chepi cut off the ends because “he doesn’t like them” and threw them into a broth, a sin that led the owner of Tegui if he was screwing him.

“I never ate asparagus in my life. Able that with the head is richer, “said the participant to the laughter of the members of the jury. In any case, the self-confidence of the influencer and the good taste of the dish changed the opinion of the chefs, to the point that Martitegui told him that “it tasted like delicious food from home.”

The mixture of emotion and stress managed to break Dani, who began to cry in front of the jury, remembering that she promised her daughter not to. When Martitegui asked her what made her react in that way, she replied “that you said it ‘has a family flavor’”, and recounted her particular family drama.

“My dad cooked a lot and now he can’t do it anymore. That sauce brings me to my old man, ”said La Chepi, who later explained that her father has been bedridden for 8 years as a result of a stroke.


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