The CSMD listens to institutional representatives

The objective of this meeting was to collect the proposals and contributions of all the actors in the region for a participatory and inclusive development model, in accordance with the directives of HM King Mohammed VI.

The Laâyoune stage is of particular importance, given the region’s significant experience in the implementation of the development model of the southern provinces which was launched in 2015 by HM the King on the occasion of the 40th anniversary. of the Green March, explained Mr. Benmoussa at the opening of this meeting held at the headquarters of the wilaya.

He noted that this model specific to the southern regions of the Kingdom is based on a number of structuring principles and clearly identifies ambitious strategic objectives, particularly in terms of diversification of growth resources and promotion of the continental influence of these provinces.

It is also, he added, to collect the recommendations formulated to ensure optimal implementation of the new national development model. For his part, the wali of the region, Abdesalam Bekrate, indicated that the development model of the southern provinces places the citizen at the heart of all its actions and initiatives in order to contribute to the promotion of human capital in the region.

All the major projects planned under this model are progressing well, he insisted, highlighting the commitment of the various partners in favor of the success of this ambitious model.

For his part, the president of the region recalled the colossal investments made by the State since the recovery of the southern provinces of the Kingdom, noting that all the projects included in the development model of these regions have already been launched. However, he said that the contribution of the private sector to this socio-economic dynamic remains below expectations, deeming it essential to strengthen consultations with all stakeholders and to take into account the particularities of each region.

In a statement, Ahmed Reda Chami, member of the CSMD, emphasized the importance of listening to the expectations and ideas of stakeholders in the local development process in the various regions of Morocco.

He underlined that the territorial leaders are the most empowered, because of the proximity to the population, to highlight clear visions on the assets and the potentialities of their regions. Same story with Ahmed Jomani, member of the CSMD, who noted that this kind of meeting is part of the consecration of the participatory approach, which is the backbone of the new development model wanted by SM the king.

He also explained that the stage of Laâyoune will allow to discover the impact of the regional economic system on stimulating growth, creating wealth and reducing unemployment rates.


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