The cultural program “Sven Jiangnan”, a cultural program that has collected thousands of years of poetry from a

What is Jiangnan?

Everyone has different answers.

This program uses nearly a hundred classic Chinese texts to answer,

Collect the essays of the century, collect the rhyme of thousands of years,

Restored an authentic Jiangnan.

Sunrise in the east, Sven Jiangnan. Dragon TV’s first cultural program of the new year “Sven Jiangnan” will be broadcast at 22:00 on January 6 at the prime time. Focusing on the five major Jiangnan cultural landmarks, each place invites famous performers and cultural scholars to combine the “surround reading” of modern drama and traditional Chinese recitation to jointly interpret and read the classic texts of cultural heroes from all over the country to pay tribute to Chinese cultural heroes. From on-the-spot reading, drama reading to reading by the whole people, based on the south of the Yangtze River, radiating China, see the talents and think together, cultivate morality, and make ancient, modern and modern classic texts become immortal cultural totems in people’s hearts.

Wen Yiguandao: Performing with sound and scripting with classic text

“The writer, the tool of the Tao.”

As a brand-new original cultural gathering program with rich cultural heritage, “Sven Jiangnan” was invited by a celebrity promoter to invite many famous performers and cultural scholars to cut into the regional color from the local chronicles to focus on the classic literary works created in the region As the core, lead the audience to five major Jiangnan cultural fields. There are 10 issues in the first season of “Sven Jiangnan”. Each issue has two themed chapters. The chapters are divided into two sections: “Presentation” and “Interview”. Among them, the performance and reading section is based on the immersive theater reading field in the studio. The invited performers will play a local related cultural figure respectively. They will perform performances with sound and use classic works to aggregate into the original flavor. The classic script, supplemented by imagery music and dance scene interpretation, cleverly combines the live scene with the outdoor scene, creating an immersive viewing experience for the audience. In the panel discussion, cultural scholars, while interpreting historical figures and events, and appreciating classic texts, have in-depth collisions with famous performers, expressing personal emotions, providing multiple cognitive values, and showing the Jiangnan context. The life aesthetics strives to achieve spiritual resonance with the audience.

Wen Yi Lixin: Inherit the Jiangnan culture and read Shaoxing style

In the first Shaoxing special program broadcast on the evening of January 6, four Shaoxing cultural heroes “played”. They were Wang Xizhi, Lu You, Wang Yangming and Lu Xun. Li Zefeng, Mao Weitao, Bao Guoan and Hao Ping served as the readers. They went to Shaoxing, Zhejiang with the host Cao Kefan and cultural scholars Zhian and Huang Xiaodan. They used Chinese family traditions and family mottoes, the beauty of traditional Chinese love, and the materialistic and open-minded view of life and death of the Chinese as topics, from historical figures handed down texts. Picking the fruits of wisdom and reinterpreting it in conjunction with the current values ​​of people has produced a strong chemical reaction.

“Sven Jiangnan” seamlessly connects historical figures of different ages through time and space, and the wonderful interpretation of the actors also makes the first episode of “Sven Jiangnan” a wonderful short series. The old drama bone Guoan Bao plays Wang Yangming for the first time. , He interprets the Yangming Xinxue of obedience to the original heart very deeply. Yue opera actor Mao Weitao has played Lu You for more than 30 years. Mao Weitao, who claims to be “in the process of shaping Lu You, was also shaped by Lu You” even exploded himself because he was too involved in the play. During the performance, he felt “the soul is out of his body”; while Mr. Lu Xun, brought by the powerful actor Hao Ping, lacks the coldness and profoundness that the public is familiar with, and has more love and compassion for the younger children, and allows the public to see a deified family routine. The image of Lu Xun. This time, the young actor Li Zefeng became the “book saint” Wang Xizhi. This performance experience made him frankly interested in calligraphy, and Wang Xizhi’s identity as a military commander and as a literary also refreshed Li Zefeng’s inherent recognition.

It is reported that “Sven Jiangnan” selects five cultural fields with great Jiangnan significance. After the first visit to Shaoxing, Zhejiang, it will also travel through Jiangnan cultural highlights such as Jiangsu Suzhou, Shanghai and Anhui Xuancheng to travel through the long river of time and history. Communication with lofty ideals.

【Editor in charge: Xu Ziming】

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