“The Cure” for Android and iOS is here

The developer Ndemic Creations has released the biggest expansion to date for the much discussed game “Plague Inc.”: “The Cure”. Actually, in the game you have to let a global pandemic off the leash and exterminate humanity. In the Corona times, this may not work that well for some gamblers. Therefore, the add-on turns the tables. So here you have to control a pandemic and protect humanity.

To do this, you send teams around the world to find patient Zero. You are even allowed to use measures such as contact tracing, lockdowns and border closings – everything seems familiar to you. You are also driving the development of a vaccine. Institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) also contributed to the development.

Nice move: “The Cure” will be available free of charge to all “Plague Inc.” players until COVID-19 is over in the real world. So you will probably have a while to play. Now available in the app stores.

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