the curious confidence of Nathalie Saint-Cricq

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“I don’t like TV”: the curious confidence of Nathalie Saint-Cricq

Nathalie Saint-Cricq was the guest of the show On refait la télé, broadcast on RTL, this Saturday, April 9. The political journalist from France 2, who has participated in the channel’s major political meetings for years, made a surprising secret about television.

Nathalie Saint-Cricq delivered as rarely. After having evoked her husband Patrice Duhamelas well as his son Benjaminin the Jordan De Luxe show, the political journalist from France 2 made new confidences on the airwaves of RTL. guest ofWe redo the TV alongside Arlette Chabot, she let it be known that she didn’t particularly like television.Going on the air wasn’t your thing at all at first, Nathalie Saint-Cricq. Conversely, you never fought to appear on screen, unlike others“, remarked Éric Dussart to his guest. And the interested party to answer in all frankness: “No, I don’t like TV. Well, I didn’t particularly like TV. I don’t have any pictures at home, except of my children or my parents“, she said in the preamble.

And to explain:I don’t like it, because I find that we attach extreme importance to somewhat secondary things, like the head we have.“At the microphone of RTL, Nathalie Saint-Cricq explained that she had started his job as a journalistwhere there was room” : “When I looked for a job, there was room at 5, we were recruiting, I went to 5. In the meantime, I tried to work in the written press, but I didn’t have a passion. And after, working on television, I worked as editor-in-chief of Arlette’s shows. But I didn’t want to do the morning presentation, because I wanted to take my kids to school. I didn’t want to do the 11 p.m. because I wanted to go out to dinner with people..” Unlike other of her sisters, the wife of Patrice Duhamel n’a never wanted to sacrifice everything for his career.

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This day when she was taken to task in the street… because of Nicolas Sarkozy

An essential media figure in this presidential election, Nathalie Saint-Cricq has not always been very comfortable with notoriety: “Or it’s a bad reputation, that is to say that it serves to have privileges and it’s not good, so we don’t do it. Or is it a good reputation, it’s kind of nice to have people on the street say hello to you, but there are also people who insult you, noted the journalist. And of share an unexpected anecdote : “I got a kind of bitch, because I hadn’t been nice to Nicolas Sarkozy“, she confided in the show We’re doing TV again. “She was a very nice, very chic woman, with two small children. Already, using the word ‘sl*pe’ in front of her children was not of extreme distinction…“, she remembered. And to conclude: “I was left speechless.”

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