The Curse of Collector’s Editions. Bethesda has problems with Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition

Remember the problems with the collector’s edition of Fallout 76, when customers didn’t get the bags they were counting on? Then the company apologized and after half a year corrected everything.

Bethesda reports that buyers of the Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition at the start will not receive a code to download the official high-quality soundtrack. Compositions in the game are not affected.

Anyone who has purchased a collector’s edition will receive the soundtrack of the new game in high quality digital format with lossless compression. We plan to release it as soon as possible after the release of the game. All owners of the collector’s edition, who have activated the code for downloading the DOOM Eternal soundtrack, will receive a notification from us about its release. We will also report this on our sites and on social networks.

The company is ready to reimburse funds to dissatisfied buyers through sellers.

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