The Cuscatlán Stadium, the heavy building of El Salvador

Hell is painted blue and white! Is he Cuscatlán Stadium, the home of the SSalvadoran election. Son 44 thousand 836 souls that unconditionally support “La Selecta”. It is the most hostile customs that the Aztec Selection every four years during the World Cup qualifiers.

The Salvadoran fans she is ready to receive hostility to the Mexican team. Each visit of the green square to the capital of that Central American country It is a difficult customs to overcome.

“At Colossus of Monserrat any player’s legs shake and if they don’t ask Cuauhtémoc White, to Hugo Sánchez, to Jorge Campos”, Declared the Cuscatleco Indian, to the Mexican press.

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Few hobbies weigh as much as the Salvadoran. There is a sector in the rostrum that is known as Vietnam, an authentic war zone within the building located in San Salvador.

“It’s a magic, that’s impressive, when our blue and white begins to sing, when he begins to support, anyone is impressed, “he added Cuscatleco, who is the most famous fan of “La Selecta”.

The salvadoran press issued the warning early. The cover of the El Salvador’s Graphical Newspaper it is the famous korean series doll “The Squid Game” and the message: “We wait for you”.

The famous sixties in the hotel

On The Savior, the games have been played long before, the famous serenades of the Salvadoran fans in the concentration hotel of the Aztec Selection are already a tradition in each final phase of the Concacaf qualifier. Before kickoff, the Cuscatleco Indian released his forecast.

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“El Salvador, two, Mexico, zero, says the Cuscatleco Indian, and I tell you they are going to throw, but those legs are going to be so watery that they are going to throw to the sides and some shivers that will go into the hands of our archer. I hope in God that I know let’s get the victory”.

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