The cyclist of the Fagnes gives his version via his lawyer and says he stopped to apologize

The images of this cyclist who collided with a young girl in the Hautes Fagnes shocked this weekend. The man in question was able to return home but still spent one night at the police station.

The cyclist reacted through his lawyer Philippe Culot via the comments relayed by the SudPresse group. According to her cycling client, it was the behavior of the girl’s dad that explained her escape. The lawyer reports: “After being stopped by the father of the child, as shown in the video, the cyclist became aware of the fall that had occurred and he therefore immediately stopped to apologize and verify the condition. health of the girl. Faced with the aggressiveness of the father, however, he decided to resume his journey in order to avoid an act of violence against him.“, he explains.

Father and grandfather

Philippe Culot points to the attitude of the prosecution in this matter, but also the desire of the girl’s father to share the scene on social networks: “The damage related to this massive sharing, however, is immeasurable for this cyclist, father and grandfather of several grandchildren. This damage is not only linked to the surge of hateful comments on social networks and following ‘press articles. These damages are also and above all linked to the totally incomprehensible and disproportionate behavior of the judicial authorities who have provided information, by broadcasting a call for witnesses first, by depriving a 60-year-old without any judicial record of his freedom then and by announcing finally that a one-year prison sentence was incurred, the violence of the remarks made against the cyclist of the Fagnes.”

The lawyer concludes his message with a call for calm after recalling that the health of the girl was most important in the case.

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