The Dab network is switched off here: – We do not need this technology

Norway is still the only country that has switched off the FM network in favor of Dab. In Ireland, they are going in the exact opposite direction.

Ireland’s state broadcaster RTE announced this week that the Dab network closes this month.

Dab came to Ireland 13 years ago, about the same time as Norway, but unlike in Norway, Ireland has not closed its FM network and listener numbers on Dab are very low.

Final confirmation

Already in 2019, it became known that RTE planned to drop the Dab investment, but this week the final confirmation came and the last broadcasts with Dab in Ireland will come on 31 March. After that, RTE will focus on internet radio combined with the traditional FM network.

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When Norway switched off the FM network in 2017, there were many indications that it was part of a larger wave from FM to Dab. Since then, however, there has been one disappointing news after another for the world’s Dab supporters.

  • Denmark, which in 2017 seemed to follow Norway and wanted to turn off its FM network, changed his mind last year. They will now continue FM.
  • Sweden, which also considered FM switch-off, has decided to continue FM to at least 2047.
  • A wide range of countries, including Great Britain, Spain and Latvia, has in recent years also decided to not copy Norway by switching off the FM network. In the UK continues FM broadcast at least until 2032.
  • The only country that now still says that they will follow Norway and close FM, is Switzerland, which plans to do so in 2024.

In Ireland, therefore, they go the opposite way. Only 0.5 percent of the population listened to Dab, compared to 77 percent on FM.

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Not needed?

One of Ireland’s largest newspapers, the Irish Times, writes that Dab is simply an unnecessarily unnecessary technology. Under the headline “Farewell Dab, the radio technology we did not need”, the newspaper writes

»Although Dab and Dab + are a bit common in some European countries and Australia, it has not taken off in Ireland. The Irish market is not alone, Canada is just another example of a large broadcasting market where Dab never really got started “, the newspaper writes.


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