The dailies panicked by the British variant of Covid-19

Dakar, Jan 29 (APS) – The daily press was frightened by the announcement of the presence in Senegal of the British variant of Covid-19, which is deemed to be more dangerous and more contagious than the classic coronavirus which causes the disease. death of 614 people in Senegal, according to a report from the Ministry of Health.

“ A serious case for Senegal, ” worries Le Quotidien, concerning the coronavirus whose presence in Senegal was announced Thursday by the renowned biologist Souleymane Mboup.

“It is more contagious and more deadly than the classic strain”, underlines the same newspaper, which gives a news all the same pleasing: “The first case and its contacts [ont été] get well. ”

But the recovery of the first patients to be infected with the British variant does not reassure The Daily. “There is something to be afraid of this bad and stern host who is spreading with incredible speed and doing immeasurable damage,” he wrote.

The British variant is in Senegal. This would explain the high rate of contamination and death in recent days, ” says EnQuête, a columnist of which evokes “ the Kafkaesque choices of Macky Sall ” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

” The choice is Kafkaesque, for the power, of a political action of scale which takes into account the dangerousness of a rate of contamination and deaths going crescendo and of the comfortable wait-and-see attitude which (…) would wait for the passing of pandemic with its procession of deaths according to the variants of a genome gone mad and which defies all knowledge, “ he comments.

“The virus continues its mad and macabre course”, points out Vox Populi, The Observer estimating, for its part, that it is already “the hecatomb”. The proof, according to the same newspaper, is that Senegal has recorded 204 deaths caused by Covid-19 in just twenty-eight days. In all, he recalls on the basis of data from the Ministry of Health, the coronavirus pandemic has killed 614 people in Senegal.

“ The British variant detected in Senegal ”, soberly headlines Le Soleil, according to which this category of coronavirus is “ 50 to 70% more contagious and 30 to 40% more lethal than the original strain ”.

Therefore, “it is imperative to scrupulously apply individual and collective prevention measures”, recommends Professor Souleymane Mboup, quoted by Le Soleil.

“ Fear of Senegal ”, alarms Lii Quotidien at the announcement of the presence on Senegalese soil of the British variant of the coronavirus.

” The progression of the coronavirus is more and more worrying, ” notes Liberation.

Tribune sounded the alarm: ” Attention, Senegal in danger! ” ” A discovery-presence which will not be without great consequences for Senegal ”, supports the same newspaper, playing the Cassandra.

“ As if the sky wanted to fall on us, the British strain, reputed to be more contagious and more deadly, has appeared in Senegal, ” laments Source A.

The dailies are also concerned by the extent of corruption in Senegal.

“Senegal is still in the red zone,” wrote Sud Quotidien and WalfQuotidien. L’As says the same thing: ” Senegal is stuck in the red zone ”.

” For this year, the global assessment is not at all satisfactory, including for Senegal, ” writes L’As following the publication of the report on the index of perception of corruption in the world .

Since 2016, Senegal’s score has not changed. The progress observed in 2012 stopped in 2016 (…) This is the conclusion of the latest Transparency International report on corruption, ” we read in WalfQuotidien.

How to get out of the ‘red zone’ of corruption? We must ” stop maintaining an affirmed and desired impunity on cases [relatifs à] the management of taxpayers’ resources, ” recommends Birahim Seck, leader of the Civil Forum, the Senegalese section of Transparency International, quoted by Sud Quotdiien.

We must also stop putting “under the elbow of files transmitted by the control bodies” to the Head of State, adds Mr. Seck.

The Quotidien Witness is interested in the abolition of the post of Prime Minister, which is to be “restored”. “Macky Sall made a mistake that catches up with him today,” said a political analyst questioned by the newspaper on the removal of the prime minister.

” The restoration of the post of Prime Minister is the only way of salvation for Macky Sall ”, if he wants to put an end to the ” dysfunctions ”, the ” communication problems ” and the ” cacophony ” within government, adds Le Témoin Quotidien.

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