The daily “Paris-Normandie” targeted by a cyberattack

Daily Paris-Normandy is the victim of a cyberattack that prevents him from updating his website since Wednesday and disrupted its paper editions, we learned, Thursday, November 19, from the daily.

“We cannot update the website since yesterday 1 pm”, the newspaper tweeted Thursday morning. “Our company suffered, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a cyberattack which hit all of our computer systems. “ As a result, the newspaper released a single regional edition on Thursday, instead of the usual three editions during a lockdown.

Ransom demand

When asked if this was a ransomware attack, the newspaper declined to comment further. But two journalists from the daily who both requested anonymity each confirmed that there had been a demand for ransom.

Ransomware allows cybercriminals to encrypt their business files, successfully crippling all or part of their business. The hackers then demand a ransom to decrypt the files. More and more companies are falling victim to this scourge, but rarely the media. In France, M6 has already been hit by a ransomware attack that severely disrupted its activities for a few days in mid-October 2019.

Paris-Normandy was acquired in June by the Belgian group Rossel. The only local daily in the former Haute-Normandie, it prints around 41,000 copies. The newspaper broke a record on Monday with 1.1 million page views in twenty-four hours.

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