The danger of vaping: Juul will pay 40 million dollars to promote its products to minors

Juul will have to pay the state of North Carolina about 40 million dollars in compensation for having promoted its products to minors (Reuters)

The Vaping Products Company July has reached an agreement on North Carolina, in the state United to close the lawsuit that was pending against him for having promoted their products to minors in exchange for paying 40 million dollars, as reported this Monday.

North Carolina is the first state to strike a deal with the e-cigarette firm for targeting youth through Ads on social media and other outlets, and feed a sharp increase in cigarette consumption by adolescent minors. Another 13 states and DC have also sued the e-cigarette company..

For years, Juul targeted young people, including teens, with its highly addictive e-cigarette.”Said the Attorney General Josh Stein it’s a statement. “It lit the spark and fanned the flames of a vaping epidemic among our children, one that can be seen in any high school in North Carolina.”.

This victory will go a long way toward keeping Juul products out of the reach of children, preventing chemical vapor from entering their lungs, and preventing nicotine from poisoning and addicting their brains. I am incredibly proud of my team for their hard work on behalf of North Carolina families. We’re not done – we’ve yet to turn the tide of a teen vaping epidemic that was the product of Juul’s greed. As your attorney general, I will continue to fight to prevent another generation of young people from getting addicted to nicotine“He added Stein.

The prosecutor began investigating the company in 2018 and sued it a year later for designing, marketing and selling its e-cigarettes to appeal to young people and for misrepresenting the potency and danger of nicotine in its products.

The Juul vaping company promoted its products to minors, which generated multiple lawsuits in various states.  The trials could transcend the United States (Reuters)
The Juul vaping company promoted its products to minors, which generated multiple lawsuits in various states. The trials could transcend the United States (Reuters)

For its part, the company has reached this agreement without admitting that it had acted wrongly and without accepting any consequences derived from what it was accused of.

This agreement is consistent with our ongoing effort to restart our business and its relationship with stakeholders, as we continue to combat underage use and advance the opportunity to reduce harm for adult smokers.“, has underlined July it’s a statement.

The vaping crisis in state United, which two years ago generated thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths, was a crisis for July, one of the manufacturers of the products that caused lung damage to several people.

Altria, an investor in the company, repeatedly devalued the value of July, which even completely suspended advertising. “We seek to continue earning trust through actions (…) This agreement is another step in that direction”, Said the company.

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