The dangers of a sabotaged transition

By stubbornly refusing to admit defeat and blocking the transition, Donald Trump is endangering the security, health and democracy of his country.

Two weeks after the election, Donald Trump undoubtedly knows full well that he has lost and that his chances of reversing the results are zero.

On the other hand, Joe Biden and his team have nine short weeks to prepare for the colossal task that awaits them.

The task will be all the more complicated as the outgoing president is determined to sabotage the transition.

“People could die”

That’s what Joe Biden replied yesterday when asked what the consequences of the obstruction resulting from Trump’s refusal to admit defeat would be.

As the United States grapples with a rampant pandemic that threatens to worsen with the holiday season, Team Biden is planning action steps as early as January 20. This preparation is seriously weakened by the inability to obtain the necessary information.

The task that awaits the Biden team will be monumental, especially in organizing the production and distribution of hundreds of millions of doses of a possible vaccine, not to mention the challenge of convincing the population to be vaccinated.

The pandemic has already claimed nearly 250,000 lives in the United States and any obstacle to the effective intervention of the new administration will only lead to tens of thousands more preventable deaths.

National security compromised

Putting in place a new security apparatus is a challenge for any president-elect, but the standard followed by all outgoing administrations of facilitating this transition in the national interest does not appear to apply to Trump.

In 2001, for example, the difficulties attributed to an otherwise normal transition played a role in the Bush administration’s failure to anticipate the September 11 attacks.

In the Department of Defense, the purges led by the president last week will not facilitate the transition and several specialists are concerned about the potential consequences of weeks lost due to the obstructions to the transition.

Threats to democracy

This transition sabotaged by Donald Trump also jeopardizes two fundamental values ​​of American democracy, namely the peaceful transfer of power and the acceptance of the legitimacy of elections.

These attacks by Trump on democratic standards are not surprising. They have always been part of his political discourse and they fit well with his authoritarian leanings.

Normally one would expect “wise men” among elected Republican Party officials to denounce these affronts to conventions and reaffirm their party’s democratic tradition, but this party has become Trump’s Party and no one seems to want to embrace it. alienate.

Some seek to excuse Trump’s norm transgressions with his atypical temperament and insist that these norm transgressions are minor mishaps. It’s wrong.

The current president is sabotaging the transition and with each passing day the potential consequences of this sabotage are compounded.

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