The date of the premiere of the series “Official” with Tolstoganova and Vitorgan has become known

The heroine of Victoria Tolstoganova decided to challenge the system after the tragedy in the family.

Victoria Tolstoganova played the role of an official of the Ministry of Health. Photo: press service

In the new series “Official” Victoria Tolstoganova will embody on the screen a successful lady, a major head of the regional Ministry of Health, Arina Alferova.

The heroine Victoria Tolstoganova has a comfortable life, which she earns, including through illegal schemes.

Everything begins to collapse when trouble comes to the family of Arina Alferova, the cause of which was falsified drugs.

From that moment on, the heroine of Victoria Tolstoganova thinks about the risks and consequences of her own illegal activities and turns into a fighter against corruption.

Maxim Vitorgan became Victoria Tolstoganova's partner in the film
Maxim Vitorgan became Victoria Tolstoganova’s partner in the film. Photo: press service

In each episode of the “Official” series, the viewer will watch how Arina Alferova, from a soulless person concerned only with her own well-being, turns into an increasingly conscious person, worried about the problems of ordinary people.

“Despite the jacket image of the heroine, she is a living person. First of all, she is a woman – yes, she is not very happy, she does not really understand about love. But everything that she does, she does not because she wants a lot of money, but because she has fallen in love, ”says Victoria Tolstoganova about her heroine.

Victoria Tolstoganova’s partners in the series became Maxim Vitorgan, Alexey Agranovich, Polina Kutepova and other actors.

The series “Official”, which consists of eight episodes, starts on November 5 at the online cinema Kion. The site will show one episode every week.

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