The dates of the promotion playoff and the preventive measures that the RFEF requires of the teams

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The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has proposed that the Second Division B playoff begin on Saturday, July 18 and end on Sunday, July 26, at the expense of authorizations from health authorities.

The RFEF project foresees that the first tie to decide the promotion to the Second will be played on July 18 and 19, with four games each day, and that the second will be resolved on Wednesday the 22nd, also with four confrontations.

The final tie with two games would be on Sunday, July 26.

The dates set for the Third Division would extend from July 18 to 25, with the possibility of playing the additional phase between August 1 and 9. (This will be the qualifying rounds)

The RFEF circular regarding the development of the final phase of the competitions that are going to play an express playoff also includes a forecast of return to training with an individualized initial phase and a second of average training that should not be before June 1. .

This should be started by all computers simultaneously.

Phase 3
of total pre-competition training would have to wait for its initial to June 15, also simultaneously and Phase 4 of competition should not start before the first weeks of July as long as the Health Authorities authorize it.

Exceptionally, the possibility of carrying out the final phase of the First Division futsal competition at the end of June would be studied, provided that the Health and Sports Authorities did not prohibit it.

The RFEF will require all clubs to accredit the following health prevention and control measures:

The day before the start of the average training sessions with the group, the players, technical staff, doctor, physical therapists and the rest of the team personnel, should have carried out a health questionnaire, about whether they present symptoms related to Covid 19, and whether the Health or Sports Authorities do not prohibit or advise against it, they should carry out a first serological test (Ig G and Ig M) (preferably between June 1 and 5).

In the event that a player or staff member is positive, with a high IgM, he will not be allowed to start group training, he must isolate himself and put himself in the hands of the Health Authorities and follow the protocol established for the Covid-19 . The rest may join the training with the security measures included in the Protocol.

The day before the first official match, both players and members of the staff with a federal license should pass, if the Health or Sports Authorities do not prohibit or advise against it, a Second Serological Test (Ig G and Ig M). Those who have a positive test for high Ig M will not be able to play the match or be part of the match.

Said controls will also be extended to the referees who must referee in these play-off phases in each of the respective territories.

The RFEF recalls in its circular that it has reached an agreement with the Mutuality of Spanish Soccer Players MUPRESFE for, if the Health or Sports Authorities did not prohibit or advise against it and if the suppliers of this type of materials deliver the tests in a timely manner, be able carry out the corresponding tests at the Mutuality’s own or arranged headquarters for free for all members of the teams with federative license.

The teams should contact the Mutualidad to set the dates and times of the controls. .


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