The daughter of Joseph Prigozhin called the amount she spent on her wedding

Danae Prigozhina stressed that she could have booed even more.

Danae Prigogine with her father Joseph Prigogine and stepmother Valeria. Photo: social networks

Eldest daughter Joseph Prigogine from her first marriage, Danae told subscribers how much money she spent on her wedding. She got married in early March, and the celebration turned out to be hidden – she officially announced that she was postponing the ceremony.

On the Web, Danae replied to spiteful critics who believe that Prigozhina saved on the wedding: “Believe me, our family makes good money! And I could arrange a magnificent wedding! But against the backdrop of the situation in the world, it would be terrible!

“We swelled more than 300 thousand rubles. I just think that we and this money can be spent on a more prudent purchase, ”the girl wrote.

Danae Prigogine about the wedding. Photo: social networks

By the way, Danai’s father and stepmother Valeria could not come to the holiday. The producer’s daughter later explained why they were absent from the guests, although she invited them.

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