the Dawson series is back!

It was THE cult series of the 1990s: Dawson. Did you like it? Did you love it? Or would you like to (re) discover it? Netflix takes care of everything! As of next January, Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jennifer are back. Be careful, nostalgia …

In the 1990s, there were three. Today, they are still so cult. They are of course the series that we loved to watch over and over, alone or with friends. Friends, which told the daily life of six friends, in the heart of New York in a decidedly funny tone, and whose lines have now become cult, just like its actors, whose Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. Then, in a very different style, 902010 Beverly Hills, which plunged us into the heart of a gang of young people in their twenties, in the chic neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, in the throes of existential crises between loves, betrayals and Peach Pit, the trendy local bar. The series, still so popular today, has been declined, with 902010 Beverly Hills: new generation, and 90210 Beverly Hills, la suite, in which we find the main actors, no longer embodying their characters of yesteryear, but themselves, in 2020. You still follow? We can see Jason Priestley or Jennie Garth again, but the beautiful Luke Perry, who unfortunately left us last year.

Dawson, finally to see and review without moderation

Finally, the teenagers were all glued in front of their televisions to discover the tumultuous love stories of Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jennifer in the series. Dawson. Despite a resounding success, the actors, real stars of the time, unfortunately made much more talk about them for their lives as stars than for big box office successes. Katie Holmes has long been in a relationship with Tom Cruise, with whom she had the pretty Suri, while Joshua Jackson, he spent 10 years in a relationship with the sublime Diane Kruger.


For his part, the hero of the series, James Van Der Beek, chained the personal tragedies and preferred to change his life recently… With destinies so scattered, it’s hard to believe that the four friends will ever reunite for a possible sequel to the series. On the other hand, Netflix just announced on his account Instagram that the cult series will be back, in full, from next January, on its video platform! The opportunity for nostalgic people to dive back into beautiful memories, and for novices to discover a pure product of the 1990s. Cult.

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