The Day Before, a new MMO with zombies, confirms its launch for Xbox Series

Few genres within videogames are as special as MMOs. These games have the virtue of making the player immerse themselves in a world with thousands of things to do and where we will never lack content, which is why they are usually a success and the clearest example of this can be seen with New World.

Not too many months ago it was announced The Day Before, a new MMO created by Fntastic where the most remarkable thing is that it is set in a world infested by zombies. The title looks brutal, but to date it only seemed to be planned for PC. Well, Xbox users are in luck, and The Day Before will also come to Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

The Day Before will arrive in June 2022 on PC

The announcement has come at the same time as a rather curious video where we have been able to see various aspects of the game such as combat, looting, customizing weapons and even driving vehicles. Additionally, the studio has also given us a release date for at least the PC version. The Day Before will arrive on June 21, 2022, so we still have a few months to get the hang of it.

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