The day George Clooney offered $ 14 million …

What a great lesson in generosity! Asked by GQ magazine, who had in passing elected “personality of the year”, George Clooney confirmed that he had indeed paid a million dollars to his best friends in 2013. To thank them for the services rendered in his debut , the American actor had not done in half measures.

I slept on their sofas when I was broke. They loaned me money when I had no round, they helped me when I needed it over the years

George Clooney

Indeed, for the one who has become a Hollywood superstar, everything was not easy before breaking through. Fortunately, he was able to count on his friends for help of all kinds. In 2013, as his fortune ran into millions of dollars, George Clooney thought back to all those people who helped him in one way or another. “I slept on their sofas when I was broke. They loaned me money when I didn’t have a circle, they helped me out when I needed it over the years. […] And I thought, if I got run over by a bus, they were all in the will. So why would I wait to be hit by a bus? ”The actor told GQ magazine.

The story is even crazier when we know that the American actor hired a florist’s truck to be able to deliver the bags of money to 14 of his friends. A nice little anecdote signed George Clooney.

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