The day George Clooney offered fourteen of his friends a million dollars

A secure basement in the suburbs of Los Angeles, an old florist van so you can’t be spotted, and travel bags filled with millions of dollars in small bills at a dinner party. This is not the next George Clooney film, but an anecdote lived by the actor. Taking a burst of generosity, the Hollywood star had decided to offer a million in cash to his closest friends. A story worthy of the best roles of the interpreter of Danny Ocean.

The actor spoke about his selfless 2013 gesture in a very long interview for the american version of GQ, which he made the cover of the magazine December-January 2021. «I was single. We were all getting old. I was 52 or something, and most of my friends are older than me», He explained. That year the film Gravity – in which he held the title role – achieved considerable box office success, a godsend for George Clooney, whose cachet depended on the commercial success of the project. “They (the producers, Editor’s note) thought it was going to be a flop, in the end it was a very good deal“, Remembered the star.

A financial windfall which he wanted to share with his lifelong friends. “These are the guys who over a period of 35 years have all helped me in one way or another. […] Without them, I wouldn’t have any of these. We’re all very close, and I just thought if I got hit by a bus, they’d all be in the will. So why am I waiting to be hit by a bus?».

“A million is not as heavy as you think”

The question then arose: how to recover $ 14 million in small denominations? After doing some research, relate GQ, the actor eventually located a location near Los Angeles, “with pallets of tickets», Which carried out this type of transfer. Discretion requires, the millionaire has dug up an old florist’s van, to go there incognito. Once there, he says, as in a gangster movie, he took an elevator with his vehicle, bringing it into a safe. “I bought 14 Tumi bags, then packed a million dollars, in cash, which is not as much as you might think, in terms of weight, in each bag».

In what looks like a reminiscence of his work with the greatest directors, George Clooney then imagined a little staging to hand over the precious gifts. The next day, the hero of the series Emergencies invited fourteen guests to dinner at his place, explained Rande Gerber, present that day, on the occasion ofa documentary dedicated to the actor, released in 2017. On the dining table, the host had placed a bag on each seat.

«I took out a map on which I put every place I had been thanks to them and everything they made me discover. I told them, “How much would you pay people like that back?”, And I added, “Wait, what do you think of a million dollars?”George Clooney recalls. If money doesn’t buy friendship, it at least allows you to treat yourself to good anecdotes to tell over a drink. Why not around his Casamigos tequila?


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