“The day Lacan adopted me”, by Gérard Haddad

“During the confinement last spring, I felt an enormous need for reading, for words, for sentences. My book, The maternal effect (1), was released in February. I felt strong when I was writing it, but I had gone so far in narrating the relationship with my mother that I had no more defense and felt myself coming down. I read a lot of books on confinement, depression. And, one day, a friend dropped off in my mailbox The day Lacan adopted me written by the agronomist, turned doctor and psychoanalyst, Gérard Haddad (2).

In this extraordinary story published in 2002, Gérard Haddad recounts his meeting in 1969 with the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and eleven years of his life, during which he exercises his profession as an agronomist by following an analysis. He tells about how he will get out of his depression, reconnect with Judaism, its culture, food. Over the pages, we see a new man appear. And it is fascinating.

Graded phases

In this book, Jacques Lacan is presented as a real genius, very good at caring for people, and at the same time, someone who sometimes behaves like a sadist. Gérard Haddad sees him every day, sometimes for a few minutes. It happens that he is not received, while he spends fortunes to follow this analysis and that he is in a complicated financial situation. Lacan thus seeks to arouse a surprise effect, a crisis, frustration… but this sometimes gives the feeling of a sadomasochistic relationship.

Thanks to this book, I understood the principle of the analytical treatment, the question of the transference, the time that one devotes to it and the price that one puts there … I noted the phases which accompany me, like that -this : “The best thing that can happen to a human being is damage to his existence. » The books were an incredible help during the lockdown. I was struggling to live. Reading was what I did best. “


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