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Rodolphe the Reindeer needs your help on Animal Crossing New Horizons. Help him distribute gifts to the inhabitants of your island and collect lots of Christmas building packages and plans. To do that, here is our guide to the Day of Gifts!

From December 24 at 5 a.m. until December 25 at 5 a.m., Gift Day is celebrated on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

From the start of the event, Rodolphe will be present on the main square for your help. Your mission ? Give a gift to every inhabitant of your island!

Find Rodolphe

  • To start your mission, go meet Rodolphe the reindeer on the main square in front of the residents’ house
  • He will give you a DIY construction plan to make Festive gift wrap
  • You will need to make 3 to go to the next step
  • To find colored balls, you just need toshake the decorated trees on your island

Festive gift wrap Recipe:

– A ball Rouge
– A ball Blue
– A ball Golden

Distribute gifts to residents

Once you have finished making the festive wrapping papers and brought them back to Rodolphe, he will provide you with a gift bag and ask you to proceed with the distribution. He will also give you a set of festive socks, which will be useful to you later.

  • Equip yourself with animal-crossing-gift-bagGift bag given by Rodolphe
  • Go talk to each inhabitants of your island and give them a gift
  • You don’t have to select the right gift for each inhabitant, unlike some past events on Animal Crossing
  • If you look inside your gift bag, you will know the number of gifts remaining and therefore the number of villagers to find
  • If you distribute a sufficient number of gifts, Rodolphe will reward you
Awards Recipe Required conditions

Construction plan Pile of gifts

– 1 cardboard box
– 1 Wood block set
– 3 red gift papers
Distribute gifts to more than half of the island’s inhabitants
Sleigh day of gifts
/ Distribute gifts to everyone on your island

Remember to return to Rodolphe to collect your rewards.

Get Rodolphe’s picture

To get the last item from Rudolf’s Day of Gifts, you will need to hang it on the wall of your house the set of festive socks that Rodolphe gives you after having made the gift wrap. Remember to place it well before December 25.

animal-crossing-new-horizons-winter-update-datamine-item-icon-jingles-photo-variation-natural-wood Photo by Rodolphe

Wait for the night to pass. December 25th, click on the set of socks, and you will find a Portrait of Rodolphe.


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