The deaf wall is cracking

EDITORIAL – Side effects of vaccines, we do not talk about them on the “mainstream” media, or else it is to mention that there is no causal relationship with vaccines. As accountability has not been demonstrated, it is therefore requested not to amalgamate.

However, some alternative media such as FranceSoir have been warning for months on the toxicity of the spike protein and the risks associated with various vaccines. Specialists (toxicologists, biochemists) have written and commented on the consequences of genetic vaccines, which were approved with little hindsight. The biostatistician Christine Cotton had, during a debriefing, taken again the studies submitted by the manufacturers to the FDA (the American administration in charge of regulating drugs), before analyzing 450,000 data points of the VAERS side effects database and to alert that 67% of recorded deaths occur within two weeks after injection.

See as well : VAERS data alert: “67% of registered deaths arrive within 21 days after injection”

For his part, Dr. Peter McCullough also spoke about it during his presentation to the US Senate, and Professor Robert Malone, pioneer of mMRA vaccines, declared that the native protein Spike was toxic. The ambient omerta around these subjects led FranceSoir to look at Australian data: nearly three times more deaths reported after the vaccine than attributed to Covid-19. FranceSoir also interviewed a crowd of doctors on this subject and received numerous testimonies, such as that of Séverine Toce, whose life was turned upside down. She is now in a wheelchair.

No sound, no picture, in the mainstream media

Journalist Ivan Rioufol is one of the few journalists in the “mainstream” media to ask questions and to speak for those they call “anti-vax”. On this misleading name, Dr Jean-François Lesgards is clear: “We are not anti-vax, but anti-spike”. It is in the “Heure des pros”, a program on CNEWS, that we recently observed a start from Pascal Praud, the presenter. Believing only half, in response to the proposal of Ivan Rioufol, he launched a call for testimonies on the adverse effects. The very next day, he sees Marc Doyer, who explains to him that his wife has suffered from a prion disease after her second injection of Pfizer, and that “it’s fucked up for her”.

Recall that Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in medicine, had alerted on this subject on the set of France Evening in May 2021.

A few months later, finally, after the remarked speech of Senator Laurence Muller-Bronn and the Senate which refuses compulsory vaccination, the information reaches the pages of the “mainstream” media … Could this be the beginning of a crack in “the deaf wall”?

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