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ACurrently, progress is being made in the constitution of the Santander chapter of La Paz Querida, an independent community of diverse citizens, committed to building favorable environments for the consolidation of peace, the strengthening of democracy and sustainable development, attending to reflections on a social ethics based on human dignity.

La Paz Querida was born in 2017 to promote a culture of peace, solidarity and inclusion. Without party affiliations, it is a heterogeneous and dynamic thought center, which declares in its mission the importance of “promoting a national project that promotes the construction of a new social ethic based on human dignity and environmental sustainability.”

In the same way, it considers it important that the armed conflict ends taking into account the tools established by the Social State of Law and participatory democracy, as well as recovering reflection on unresolved issues such as the agrarian question and favoring the participation of society. civil in the resolution of said conditions. LPQ is convinced that the victims and their rights must be at the center of the exercise of peacebuilding and overcoming conditions that perpetuate the armed conflict.

In its declaration of principles, it also establishes that transitional justice is more profitable than war with impunity; that linking society based on the challenges of human development, culture, education, equity, gender equality and sustainability strengthens peace in the territories; that political customs that destroy indispensable values ​​for peace must be replaced; that corrupt practices have no place in building lasting peace; that security doctrines must always be respectful of human rights; that international cooperation organizations should be important actors in the process and that young people should be decisively and assertively involved in it to build lasting peace environments.

Hopefully the reflections derived from the exercise of thinking and building peace from the territories, strengthen the real possibilities of this country to overcome decades of confrontation and address the causes that generate it.

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