The death of a female spy who was preparing to assassinate “Fatah” leaders in Beirut

Mossad shrouded Yael Mann’s life in secrecy until her death

The Mossad spy (the Israeli foreign intelligence service), Yael Mann, died Saturday evening in Tel Aviv, and she played a major role in preparing for the assassination of prominent Palestinian figures in Lebanon in 1973 in the operation known to Israel as “the fountain of youth” while it is called a Palestinian and a Lebanese The name “Operation Verdun”.

Yael Mann was born in Canada in 1936 and immigrated to Israel in 1968. She was recruited in 1971 to prepare for an operation carried out by a commando force from the “General Staff Patrol” led by Ehud Barak, in which the three leaders of the “Fatah movement” were assassinated, they are Kamal Adwan, Kamal Nasser and Abu Youssef Al-Najjar in Beirut.

Yael was sent to live in Lebanon as “a writer of stories and film scripts who came to prepare a documentary film for a British production company, about the story of a woman living in Syria and Lebanon.” She took a large number of photos she was sending to the Mossad, including photos focusing on the area inhabited by the targets, and prepared cars to transport the elements of the operation. And she succeeded in recruiting agents who helped her gather information about the three characters, without discovering that she was a Jew or a Mossad spy.

On the night of April 10, 1973, the Israeli commando unit succeeded in infiltrating Beirut by sea, and carrying out the operation, while the spy was watching through its window. After the operation, she remained in the building for several days and participated in offering condolences, then she left without anyone feeling her, and the Mossad surrounded her life with a cover of secrecy, and her name was not published until her death.


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