The death of the Lebanese fashionista Lina Al-Hani in a traffic accident in Kuwait

Social networking sites were buzzing with the news of the death of the Lebanese fashionista, Lina Al-Hani, in a traffic accident in Kuwait yesterday, Thursday.

According to what was reported by the media, Lina Al-Hani was in a tragic car accident, and immediately ambulance crews arrived at the scene, who worked to transfer her to a nearby hospital, but she died instantly.

The late fascist Lina Al-Hani

Lina Al-Hani is the sister of the artist Sarah Al-Hani, and according to what was reported by the media and medical reports, Lina Al-Hani died as a result of her car colliding with another on the highway, which led to her death immediately after the accident.

The late Lina El Hani

The late Lina El Hani

Lina is a social media activist in the State of Kuwait, has a large number of followers on various social media sites, and is also a mother of two children.

Lina Al-Hani’s name topped the trend lists on social networking sites, and the search results via the Google search engine hours after her departure. And the last thing Lina published was a picture of her from the evening that she attended a few hours before her death, and the followers commented on her, expressing their shock at the news of her death.

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