“The debate around billionaires is not interesting,” says Laurent Berger in response to Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS

The leader of the Insoumis affirmed that Bernard Arnault, “first billionaire of the world”, is “in our country, the worst offense”.

«We have, in our country, the worst offense: the first billionaire in the world», snapped Jean-Luc Mélenchonthus aiming Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH. According to the unsuspecting leader, “the rich are responsible for the misfortune of the poor» : «Accumulating money is immoral, since what is accumulated is what one has taken from others.»

Guest on France 2, Lawrence Berger believes that the “billionaire debate“is not”interesting“. In the same way, continues the secretary general of the CFDT, directly quoting the richest, “it’s not at all (his) practice“. And to insist:It is not the question of stigmatizing this or that».

“What is interesting is to know what everyone contributes according to their incomesays Laurent Berger. What is interesting is that the richest today, who capture part of the country’s wealth and reinvest it – I have no problem with that – contribute more to the common good.

The anti-big fortune rhetoric now punctuates the speech on the left, on the side of the Nupes. During her meeting against the pension reform, on January 17, the leader of the ecologists, Marine Tondelier, expressed the wish of aFrance without billionaires».

HAVE – Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “The rich are responsible for the misfortune of the poor!”

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