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The Ministry of Health issued a statement yesterday in which it ruled on the results of the National Study for the Evaluation of EPS Services 2022commissioned by that institution and whose results were known on Wednesday.

The health portfolio explained that, after learning about the study, the Association of Health Insurance Management Companies (Star salud) published a statement entitled ‘Survey from the Ministry of Health confirms user satisfaction with their EPS’.

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In this, he points minsaludthe association highlighted “fragments of information favorable to its interests” and leaves aside key indicators to carry out “a more rigorous analysis of the tendency to gradual deterioration of the image of the EPS”.

Gestarsalud had highlighted that the results of this survey, according to which two out of three Colombians rate EPS services as good or very good, coincide with the satisfaction found in previous studies and in the most recent opinion polls that have been released. .

But the Health portfolio contrasts that, for example, the total number of guardianships filed to access health services in 2021 it was 80,300 —based on information from the Constitutional Court—, and he emphasizes that this year the registry “tends to increase”, with 79,600 guardianships up to July.

The data

In this version, the study interviewed 18,145 people across the country between August 2 and October 31. The data reveals that, despite the greater pressure that the health system had to cause of covid-19, two out of three people (64 percent) rated the service provided by their EPS as good or very good, and 7 percent said it was bad or very bad. Likewise, four out of five (79 percent) stated that they would recommend their EPS to a family member or friend and 62 percent described it as easy or very easy to access health services, in proportions similar to previous versions of this same survey. .

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According to Gestarsalud, the study is considered a serious instrument, “not only because of its sample of more than 18,000 people, but because it has been carried out for 10 years throughout the country, and because its methodology is representative of 97 percent of affiliates”.

Faced with the general satisfaction of users, in which a decrease compared to previous years is evident, the union considers that it is due to the environment of uncertainty that exists due to the proposed changes. “What we give our affiliates is a piece of peace of mind, because the EPS continue to attend, provide all their services and fully comply with all their obligations,” he specified.

On the other hand, the Colombian Association of Comprehensive Medicine Companies (Novice) said that, until September 2022, 248,617,832 health cares have been provided in Colombia. And although it was recently known that this year there are 1,043,026 complaints against the EPS, these are equivalent to less than 1 percent of the total attention.

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