News The Delegation of the Government goes to the rescue...

The Delegation of the Government goes to the rescue of Sanchez: «That morning it was not programmed to use the helicopter»


The Delegation of the Government of the Balearic Islands has come out in defense of the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez and denies that he used the Civil Guard helicopter to search for one of those disappeared by the Gloria storm in Mallorca to use it last Thursday. And break down, point by point, the entire plan planned for that day.

As ABC reports, the airplane was stopped two hours that day at the airport of Mallorca, waiting for Sanchez to arrive at the Falcon from Davos, since it was delayed. All of this has caused a great stir when considering that he used this medium for his own benefit. That news comes after Moncloa has admitted that Sanchez used the helicopter, but that “these visits seek not to interfere” in the rescue. The ceremony of confusion is served

For its part, the Balearic Delegation affirms in its press release that the participation of the aircraft was not scheduled that morning
on search devices
of the three missing in Mallorca and Eivissa because of the stormy Gloria.

In its detailed explanations, the Delegation indicated that the plan of the search operation that was carried out the day before, on the 22nd, before knowing the visit of the President of the Government,

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World News :

 contemplated attacking the torrent of na Mora and the adjacent coast with members of the GREIM (Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group), SEMAR (Maritime Service) and GEAS (Underwater Activities Group), the Delegation said. At that time, the search tasks were being carried out by water and land since the operation was focused on the channel of the torrent, the ravines and the caves and cavities of the mouth of the torrent of Na Mora, where David Cabrera disappeared.

Urgent actions
 The note adds that these are the areas that were considered most sensitive to perform the search. From the first moment that it was known about the disappearance of this person on the afternoon of Monday 20, the Civil Guard launched the search operation, tasks that were hindered by weather conditions, lack of light and orography of the ground. Despite this, the first most urgent actions were carried out until the dawn of the 21st by specialists from the GREIM and Firefighters of the Information Note
Mallorca in the area of ​​disappearance itself. They have also participated
Civil Protection, Emergency, Fire, Sasemar, and volunteers.

The note adds that President Sánchez’s visit to the affected areas, which was extended yesterday by the Valencian Community, Murcia and Aragon are a sign of the Government’s commitment in the fight against the effects of repeated environmental catastrophes that our country. They also represent a demonstration of solidarity with the victims and their families, and full support and thanks to the bodies involved in the work to mitigate the human and material damage caused by the storm.

In the organization of this type of visits, it is a priority to not endanger the life of any person and not to interfere in rescue work. .


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